• We work with communities to save threatened amphibians and reptiles through on-the-ground conservation action, stakeholder mobilization and research.



  • A world where amphibians and reptiles thrive.



  • We are a group of passionate and committed individuals concerned about the conservation of biodiversity, with a special interest in often neglected groups of species, such as amphibians and reptiles. Our team comprises individuals with diverse expertise spanning the fields of biology, herpetology, wildlife management, planning, business administration, and ecotourism

As a non-profitable organization, Herp Ghana depends on the kind donations of organizations and individuals.

Local People

Herp Ghana recognizes that community ownership is essential to the long-term success of biodiversity conservation initiatives.

Our Partners

We work together with different international, national and local partners to realize our organizational mission

Where We Work

The Onepone Endangered Species Refuge is a 12,132acre legally designated district/municipal level protected area of which 2,132acres is administered as an IUCN category 1 reserve. The name Onepone is derived from the tribal clans in the Ho west district of Ghana who donated their land for the creation of the reserve.

The reserve harbours the last viable population of the critically endangered whistling frog (Conraua derooi) of which only 250 individuals remain.

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