Training of young conservationist.

We train and support early career researchers and conservationist in Ghana and other West and Central African countries. Our flagship site based field course (Ecology Field School), bring together 10-14 early career researchers and conservationist to the Bobiri Forest Reserve, in The Asante Region of Ghana for a 14-day intensive training in research design and data analysis, community conservation and many more. Some of our alumni are leading their own conservation NGOs, teaching at Universities or pursuing doctoral training.

Training fire volunteers

We establish and equip fire volunteer groups in our project target communities. We work with the Fire Services of Ghana to provide training for these fire volunteers. The training equipsvolunteers with the skills and knowledge needed to respond swiftly and effectively to fire incidences in and around the Onepone Endangered Species Refuge and other ecological sensitive areas in their respective communities. The impact of these trained volunteers in the project target communities have been massive. Annual fire incidences have been reduced by more than half minimizing in no small way the risk of potential damage to the ecosystem.

Training patrol staff

We train our patrol staff in field navigation techniques (usage of GPS), data collection methods for input into SMART system, camera trapping and tour guiding to enable them support the effective management of the Onepone Endangered Species Refuge (OESR). Most of our patrol staff are former hunters who have turned away from their old ways in response to our conservation outreaches. These former  hunters adds a valuable dimension to the team, bringing firsthand knowledge and understanding of the local landscape and wildlife, contributing to a holistic approach in our conservation efforts.

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