Whistling frog project

The Togo slippery frog (Conraua derooi), also known as the Whistling Frog, is a unique amphibian species belonging to the genus Conraua. Diverging from all other amphibians over 80 million years ago, it is as distantly related to other frogs as bats are to the giant panda.

This species, found along the Ghana-Togo border in the Togo-Volta highlands, prefers clean, fast-running bodies of water like waterfalls and rocky streams. Unlike typical frogs, it grows from tadpole to adulthood without leaving the water.

Captive breeding

Collaborating with CSIR-FORIG and the Zoological Society of London, Herp Ghana is pioneering the establishment of West Africa’s first captive breeding center for amphibians. This groundbreaking initiative marks a substantial advancement in the region’s conservation efforts, crucial for protecting amphibian species threatened by habitat destruction and diseases.

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