The Onepone Endangered Species Refuge is a 12,132acre legally designated district/municipal level protected area of which 2,132acres is administered as an IUCN category 1 reserve. The name Onepone is derived from the tribal clans in the Ho west district of Ghana who donated their land for the creation of the reserve. The reserve harbours the last viable population of the critically endangered whistling frog (Conraua derooi) of which only 250 individuals remain.

The reserve also protects 12 other globally threatened species including the endangered white bellied pangolin and the critically endangered hooded vulture. Ultimately, the reserve contributes to the protection and restoration of nature to ensure, food and water security and reduce risks from natural disasters whilst safeguarding biodiversity.

Onepone Endangered Species Refuge, the first protected area set aside for protecting amphibian species.

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